Nominated by Soy Warmi

All 2023 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Valentina Wiñay is a young Aymara woman with a strong connection to her cultural roots and a brave defender of the rights of young people and children in her community. Her activist spirit focuses on issues as relevant as gender equity and sexual and reproductive rights, as well as the defense of the rights of indigenous peoples. Valentina is dedicated to making a positive impact in her community by advocating for social justice and fighting against inequality.  The youth organization that Valentina created, Soy Warmi, has achieved a significant impact in more than seven countries across two continents. Their message has reached over 8,000 young people in Latin America. With a team of approximately 70 volunteers from five different countries (Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Guatemala, and Colombia), Soy Warmi is committed to promoting sexual education and preventing sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies in vulnerable and rural communities.