Nominated by NGO Conseil de la Paix (CAP) 

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Walidi is committed to defend the rights of the children. Children do not accept children coming from other areas, causing a lot of violence. Also, children in his community have a problem with participation, leadership and expressing themselves for the fear of being considered liars. He is an active member of a local community organization from his area called “Tsi Habari Events” which aims to gather children together to flourish and learn to live and play together through cultural, educational and sports events. On the 16th of June 2018 he talked to his fellow youths, during the celebration of the International day of the African child, to sensitize them about the negative effects of bullying. He participated at the 2018 Day of General Discussion “Protecting and Empowering Children as Human Rights Defenders”. He is also a member of NGO CAP child network and appeared on TV during DGD.