Picture – Rowland Wamala


Nominated by Reminac Studios Enterprises 

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Rowland has played the main role in a Reminiac Studios short movie titled “Muffled voices”. The movie calls parents to be more vigilant and avoid fighting in front of their children for the mental health issues it might cause them. Rowland is also the head of 407 students, and a member of the Reminac Kids Club. He organized the first Reminac Kids Talent Expo 2019, which brought together over 100 guests to see how children use art to raise awareness about children’s rights. The artworks were created by young people, mostly children under the age of 20. He sets a good example for students, and he is an inspiration to all children of his age. In addition, he authored a book called “Crisis” that was published recently by Reminac Comics in December 2021. Rowland hopes to be an actor as well as a writer poet. He seeks to share this skill with the world while raising awareness about the injustices faced by children in his country.