Picture – Zainab Bah


Nominated by Information For All Sierra Leone

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Zainab is very passionate, motivated and committed to children’s rights. She is always available to champion children’s need in her community. In the past few years, Zainab used to organise remedial classes in her parent’s compound to help educate, guide and strengthen skills of her friends and peers for topics and subjects they felt uncomfortable during schools.  Zainab established her organisation called KayZee enterprise, a social venture that works on children and women’s rights and employed young people like her to fight for their rights in Sierra Leone. In 2021, she was nominated by the MentHer group as one of the youngest emerging inspiring leaders. She has embarked on climate change mitigation campaign where she proposed to produce reusable sanitary products for menstruation pads for girls and women in her community. She is determined and courageous about her future operations in fighting for the rights of children, girls and women in her community.