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Our world is home to the largest youth generation ever. Every day, in every corner of the globe, children and youth are affected by conflict, violence, exploitation and abuse.

KidsRights believes that realizing children’s rights calls for the perspective, experience and authority of children themselves. With your help, we can make this happen.

We empower children. We demand global attention for children’s rights. We actresearch and speak out. Because we truly believe that together with children, we can move the world!


  • 3,2 billion people were informed
    about the status of children’s rights worldwide by the KidsRights Index 2022
  • We celebrated the 10-year jubilee of the KRI
  • 17 Kidsrights Reports published
    including recommendations, published about different children’s rights themes


  • 325 Changemakers from 47 countries
    received direct support
  • 203 Chapters from 34 Countries
    opened under the umbrella of State of Youth
  • 112 million young people
    were reached through our social media
  • 4000 young people
    attended our online training
  • 7 local NGOs
    benefited from our Partner Program


  • 2,2 billion people reached
    with the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2022
  • Youth Participation high on Japan’s political agenda
    thanks to our latest winner Rena Kawasaki
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